Main Issues

Property rights and free markets are an integral component of what it means to be free. Glo Smith is 100% pro jobs: creating an opportunity of meaningful careers for all of those willing and able to work. This election you will have a unique opportunity to choose a leader with credentials to create professional prosperity and real economic development. As an entrepreneur, Glo started a small business. To pass her skills on to help others, she developed curriculum for the University of North Florida’s Small Business Resource Center. With her direction, the program established high-quality businesses in northeast Florida, empowering the region economically. Her credentials extend to a career in the governor’s office, where private sector jobs have dramatically increased, dropping Florida’s unemployment rate to 4.7% as of July 2016.  70,000 jobs were created in 2016 for a total of 1,094,800 private-sector jobs since December 2010. On the federal level Glo will adjoin that success with a national and international initiative to bring significant jobs to Florida’s 5th congressional district.

Glo is among those who believe the Constitution is a vault into which the founders deposited our principles of government. No member of government should attempt to manipulate the courts by eliminating filibuster powers, in order to seat unconfirmed judges that will promote a new ideology or agenda. She believes upholding the Constitution means enforcing our laws as they are written, not legislating from the bench. Glo believes that judges should treat all issues that come before the court with respect to the Constitution’s intended meaning. Judges should translate the principles of the Founding into a framework of limited republican government that remains central to the American way of life. She believes the Civil War completed the Founding by abolishing the institution of slavery. In this great conflict, Lincoln re-affirmed the principles of the Founding and re-established limited constitutional government. The Progressive assault on the limited constitutionalism of the Founders set the stage for modern liberalism and the rise of big government over the past century. Conservatism rose in response to the Progressive challenge in the early 20th century and coalesced into the modern conservative movement in the post-World War II era. Glo Smith registered as a Republican as a teenager, and is today the kind of conservative that is pro business, pro values, pro fair tax, and pro second amendment right to bear arms. In congress Glo will uphold the Constitution.

Glo believes that America’s tax code needs reform. It discourages working, saving, investment, and entrepreneurship. It hinders productivity, job growth, international competitiveness, and wage increases. A new flat tax or fair tax reform plan would fix these flaws. Families and businesses would pay one simple tax with a single tax rate under the plan. Glo will sponsor and promote this legislation in her first term, with an ambitious goal of being ready for a presidential signature upon the election of a Republican president in 2016.

As the second largest industry in Florida, Glo knows that agriculture impacts all Floridians and is a big player in creating jobs for our State.   Glo will make sure that the laws and policies being passed will support the industry and not hinder its development with excessive regulations.  Glo will support her fellow conservative representatives to work to develop a pathway for free-market agriculture.  Glo will fight against any legislation that will put unnecessary restrictions on the industry or will adversely impact the industry in favor of foreign products.

Glo believes in the values and work ethic she inherited from her parents. Glo learned at an early age the importance of our military, and how our courageous veterans should be respected. The sacrifices of Glo’s military family, (including her father,  her husband’s father, her brother, and other active duty family members serving in combat) represent the reason why her most paramount policy initiatives include promoting a strong national defense. Protecting America’s interests at home and abroad means supporting proper resources for our armed forces. Additionally, Glo Smith will promote employment opportunities and services for all our veterans.

The IRS’s role in health care does not respect the core principles of government our founders deposited into the Constitution. Our respected 20th century leaders fought for them, sacrificed for them, and even died for them. Now in the 21st century, at a time when doubts are growing about the IRS’s politically biased behavior, the “Affordable Healthcare Act” grants the agency massive new authority to implement its complex and bureaucratic regime. Obamacare puts the health care system on the wrong track and will expand the role of the federal government in every component of Americans’ health care. To get the health care system on the right track that empowers patients, reduces cost, and ensures access, we must unite behind a better alternative to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

In 2015, the national debt reached 18.8 trillion. Federal spending is out-of-control and is projected to grow even faster in the future, burdening Americans and saddling future generations with a massive, unaffordable debt. Congress should cut current spending and rein in future spending through entitlement reforms, without raising taxes, and while assuring full funding for America’s defense.