What people are saying

Glo Smith is a Worthy Replacement” Smith, a onetime staffer to former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll and Gov. Rick Scott. Glo is longtime local children’s advocate, and she is a Jacksonville native who’s well attuned to the issues facing the district, which includes some of our region’s most economically challenged residents.  Smith rightly recognizes that the district’s representative must work aggressively in Congress on legislation that can expand economic and educational opportunities for the area.


Florida Times Union Editorial Board (2014)

“Looking at the record of each candidate in the GOP primary, it is clear that Glo Smith is the true conservative in this race.”

Herman Cain , Republican

“Join me in supporting Florida’s next congresswomen, Glo Smith, who is poised to retire Corrine Brown.”

Aaron Bean , Republican Senator

“Glo has the educational background and the experiences in life that will make her a great congresswomen.”

Alan Hays , Republican Senator

“ If you’re serious about your future and your children’s futures, then help Glo Smith retire Corrine Brown by making a smart investment toward her campaign and DONATE online today.

Hank Madden , WOKV Radio Host