About Glo



Growing up in the poorest part of Jacksonville, Glo was no stranger to poverty as a child. Before her mother remarried, their large family was living off a single mother’s salary and was dependent upon government assistance. For years, Glo’s mother relied on government provisions and commodities to feed and care for her children. Regardless of the financial hardship, Glo was determined to succeed, and with the moral support of her family and church, Glo graduated from Ribault High School and was inspired to establish her career as a public servant.

Glo obtained a Master’s of Business Administration degree and launched a 30-year career in public service and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, Glo started a small business. In an effort to help others succeed, she developed curriculum for the University of North Florida’s Small Business Resource Center. With her guidance, the program established high-quality childcare businesses in low-income areas of Northeast Florida, empowering the community economically.

"Glo’s story is one that resonates with many residents throughout
Florida’s 5th Congressional District."

33 years ago, Glo met and married her husband Michael, a retired Florida State Trooper. Michael currently serves as an investigator for the State Attorney’s Office. With his background in law enforcement and her background in social service, the couple has a complimentary passion for helping others by equipping them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.  Glo and Michael have four children. Their eldest child, Michael Jr., is a graduate of UF College of Engineering. Cassandra graduated from FSU and is an Assistant State Attorney in Florida. Christopher is a junior in college, and Vanessa is a high school senior. The family attends First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, and Michael and Glo are active members involved in the middle school ministry at church.