The Fifth District’s citizens’ educational, professional, and social backgrounds
are diverse, therefore I believe this sets the stage for developing inclusive solutions to
improve the economic, social, and political landscape in District 5. Glo Smith


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Sign wavers needed!

I need you to wave signs at your voting place during early voting. Be sure to ask everyone you know to help cover every early voting precinct the entire time they are open until the end of early voting.

Please email me or Laura at or if you will commit to cover your voting precinct.

Be sure to take your yard sign to the poll so that every voting precinct will be covered. Thank you.


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The annual James Madison Constitution Dinner on Thursday 10/27/16 at Divine Events with special guest speaker GLO SMITH (candidate for US House of Representatives for FL district 5).

Call Bob for tickets at 850-929-4387, Judy at 850-929-9122
Mark at 850-973-8888...also available at The Mail Room.


Hosted by the Madison County Republican Executive Committee

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