Vote Glo Smith for Congress ★ Vote November 8, 2016
  • Strengthening Families

  • Fix healthcare's devastating consequences:

    Lack of privacy, options, affordability, security, accessibility

  • Bringing real

    economic opportunity to

    our urban core

  • Your vote can create respectable jobs for all working adults

  • Fifth District’s Strategic Global Market Job Plans

  • "Glo cares deeply about veterans and listens faithfully to our issues."

    -Ron Dozier, disabled veteran

  • Empowering your children and grandchildren with access to real opportunity

  • Improving public safety means creating safe neighborhoods and peaceful communities

Economic Development and Job Creation

Glo-Smith-jobs100% pro jobs: Glo Smith is creating an atmosphere of meaningful careers for all of those willing and able to work. You will have a unique opportunity to choose a leader with credentials to create professional prosperity for constituents ready to replace poverty with respectable jobs and economic development.

The IRS’s role in our health care

gloThe IRS’s role in health care does not respect the core principles of government our founders deposited into the Constitution. Our respected 20th century leaders fought for them, sacrificed for them, and even died for them. Now in the 21st century, at a time when doubts are growing about the IRS’s politically biased behavior, the “Affordable Healthcare Act” grants the agency massive new authority to implement its complex and bureaucratic regime. We must unite behind a batter alternative to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

America’s Military and Veteran Policy


Glo Smith learned at an early age the importance of our military, and how our courageous veterans should be respected. The sacrifices of Glo’s military family (including her father and brother) represent the reason her most paramount policy initiatives include a strong national defense.

Community rallies behind Glo Smith


“ If you’re serious about your future and your children’s futures, then help Glo Smith retire Corrine Brown by making a smart investment toward her campaign and DONATE online today. -Hank Madden, WOKV radio host ” Smart Money with Hank Madden “

If Glo Smith does end up as nominee and Brown agrees to debate her, the advantage would be so heavily tipped to Smith there wouldn’t be much point in Brown saying a word. -Nat’l journalist Kay B. Day

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., has drawn a major Republican opponent. Glo Smith will be looking to defeat Brown, who first won a seat in Congress back in 1992…-Sunshine State News

Glo Smith is a leader that understands that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve personal and professional prosperity –The Black Conservative